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Monday, February 24, 2020
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Early Fire Season
Posted: Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dear Inbound friends and family,

The latest forecasts are calling for an early fire season in the Pacific NW and No. California.  Here is the June 1st official fire weather video forecast:

We are going to be really busy now.  Jerry is making last minute mechanical inspections and ensuring all gear is in top operating form.  We purchased 10 more Stihl chainshaws and have a saw class scheduled for June 17 to June 21.  We also have a pump class coming up June 11 to June 13th.  Finally, we have our last new firefighter training coming up June 17th to June 21st in Oakridge.  We also plan one last RT130 and pack test on June 30th.  However, it appears likely that we will have resources out early this year, maybe before our last ALL HANDS day on June 21st in Eugene.

I am asking everyone to start checking in weekly with Jody Johnson at 541-782-1814.  Here office hours are 9:00 to 3:00 Mondays, Wednedays, and Fridays.  We are finalizing all paperwork as well, so please see Jody and get your returning or new firefighter applications on file. 

We still need drivers to get their physical exams and fingerprints as necessary to complete the DOL MSPA Blue Card paperwork in time for the season.  Please contact Jody or me to get this rolling ASAP.

It looks like it could be a long and hot summer.  Please make sure you are embarking on a physical fitness program which and be fit for duty by June 21st at the latest.  If you have any concerns or open issues please reach out now to resolve them and then lets get to work.  Our equipment will be ready and if you show up ready we are set up for success. 

For all experienced Inbound employees, you are invited to the Pump and Saw training events coming up in June.  Please rsvp so we can provide lunches and water.  For new Inbound employees, welcome to the family.  Our strength lies in the way we support one another and build trust and respect.   Get your boots broke in and your war bags packed.  We are about to go into battle!

Blessings, Dillon

Photo: Here is the latest NW Fire Weather Forecast.  Worth watching, especially this time of year.