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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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September and the hard work continues!
Posted: Thursday, September 10, 2015

Good morning Loved Ones,

Our crews and engines are still working. Inbound Type 2 Crew 13-122 (Nettleship) is on the Cougar Creek Fire. The crew is in great spirits but it has been cold (in the 20s) and wet. They are on day 8 today. Ross sent a cool photo which I have attached.

Inbound Type 6 Engine E-03 (Douglass) is on the North Star Complex on her second day of rest after 14 days.

Inbound Type 6 Engine E-04 (Rowley) is also on the North Star Complex and they are on day 4 of their second 14 day stint there.

Inbound Type 4 Engine E-12 (Archamboult) is on the County Line 2 Fire on day 14. Great job Mya!

We currently have three additional engines available for dispatch if needed!

As the weather has begun to trend to fall, we will be going to readiness condition Blue (Guarded). We ask employees who are available to go out on fires to be checking in WEEKLY for now. Thank you for checking in with Jody Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 2 pm.

This fire season continues, but there is some relief in sight. The seven day forecast shows some pretty significant precipitation for So. Oregon and for the Cascades.

We anticipate that the BLM will be needing us for prescribed burns in the Eugene area once conditions improve.

As we start to approach the beginning of the end of fire season, please inventory your gear and make a note of any needs for your war bag. We go through our entire inventory, inspect and clean our line packs and nomex and saw chaps, purge and clean the saws, strip the crummies, drain the water tanks and winterize our engines, etc...Please return any company issued gear to the office in Oakridge so we can include it in our counts.

I will be offering the S-131/S133 Squad Boss class in the spring. In addition, we will be offering the S212 Saw Class in the early summer. We will also offer radio training, map and compass, and GPS training courses to our experienced firefighters in the spring. Stay tuned for more details on training events, probably sometime in January.

Boot allowances and safety bonuses generally go out in October. Every year you work at least 30 days on the fireline (not counting travel - and you provide your own boots), you will get $150. Safe Driving bonuses also go out at the same time. If you were a driver please turn in your mileage and inspection sheets from the incidents to Jody.

Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work that got us this far into the season. Of course, the hard work continues, and then the off-season training and fitness and preparedness work begins.

You bless me! You inspire me! You motivate me! Your work is in keeping with the highest traditions in our industry. Well done!

Blessings, Dillon

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