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Monday, February 24, 2020
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Happy New Year
Posted: Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dear Inbound friends and family,

Happy New Year!  It is snowing in Oakridge and in Portland and in Cave Junction.  I hope you are all enjoying family time and getting some well deserved rest.

Here are some of the summary statistics for our 2015 fire season:

-Crew 13-122 Nettleship worked 55 days, Crew 13-123 McCann worked 45 days.  Our engines worked over 250 shifts.  100 firefighters had earnings!

For 2016, we will be adding at least 5 engines and maybe as many as 10 new engines.  Our total number of engines will be 15 to 20 for the upcoming season.  We are heavily recruiting for Engine Bosses and good experienced firefighters. We are looking for hard working, professional firefighters.  Maybe you know someone who is tired of their equipment breaking down and having to deal with drama because the company won't deal with known problems.  While we are not perfect, if we know about a problem, we are going to deal with it.  Our equipment is in great working order and our employees are more connected because of our drills.

In 2016 we will be conducting a ton of training.  I will be updating the training calendar, but stay tuned for S211 Pumps, S212 Saw Class, S215 Urban Interface, and S219 Ignition Specialist, in addition to our RT130 Refresher courses and of course the S131 and S133 Squad Boss Classes.  Ross will also be offering our radio programming and GPS/Technology class twice before the season starts. We will likely have 4 ALL HANDS drills!  I would love to see our key, committed firefighters at these events.  This is our secret sauce, but it only works if we have good participation.  We will offer you the best training available in the industry and I will feed you well.  Please try to make as many of these training events as you can.

Besides good equipment and great training we need the best firefighters.  Please embark on a physical fitness journey and show up ready to hit the ground running.  Ross is trying to put together a NON smoking crew, and I encourage and support those efforts.  This is a good time to start!

Happy New Year and many blessings, Dillon