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Saturday, February 29, 2020
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Spring is here
Posted: Saturday, March 19, 2016

Good morning loved ones,

It has been a while since my last post.  We have been really busy building new engines.  Jerry, Chris, Phil, James, Shane, Ross and several others have been making the shop better and the new equipment they have built is going to make us a better company more sustainable with more opportunities for employees to be promoted.  We have a total of 15 engines under contract for the 2016 season, including EIGHT type 4's and SEVEN type 6's.  We also have the chipper, FIVE trucks with drivers, and of course the THREE hand crews.  We are in the process of submitting our bid for a national Type 2 IA crew as well.

We also had the chance to help process and deliver 68 cords of fire wood for needy community members over the winter.  The City of Oakridge, the SW Willamette Collaborative, and others helped us to have no RED burning days over this winter, the first in a long time.  That means better air for other elderly and disabled.  This has been a real win win situation and a pleasure for us to be invovled in the local community.

Now our training begins.  Our first aid course will now have a doctor present to discuss epi pen use and prescribe as needed.  This means our first aid course will be an all day affair.  To ensure we cover all of the material in the new firefighter training, we will add a SIXTH day to our class.  This means trainings will begin on MONDAYs and end after the ALL HANDs field days on Saturday.  I will update the calendar to reflect this six day event.  Thank you to everyone of our employees for your participation in these ALL HANDS events.  These events are probably single handedly the best thing we are doing to get prepared for the upcoming season.

The first RT130 Annual Refresher will be on April 2nd beginning at 0800 with the pack test.  The first S130/S190/L180 class will begin on April 25th and go through April 30th.  Camping will be nearby the office, check in for instructions on April 24th at the office.

Please please please bring your "A" game this year.  We are looking for people who take this seriously!  We will be providing a ton of training over the next three months, so please check the calendar and rsvp with me at if you are interested in attending any events.  We want you to succeed!  Ross is putting together a non-smoking crew!  What is your committment level?  How bad do you want it?

I'm looking forward to welcoming home our returning firefighters and welcoming new ones to the family.  Let's have some fun, all while doing what we love.

Blessings, Dillon