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Saturday, February 29, 2020
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End of June
Posted: Monday, June 27, 2016

Dear loved ones,

June is almost over and the hot weather is here to stay.  The ten day forecast shows no precipitation and hot days ahead.  We have elevated the readiness condition to BLUE, which requires weekly check-in.

Our ALL HANDS day on Saturday had 53 firefighters show up.  We worked on fundamentals of firefighting including line construction, contingency line construction, spot fire scenarios, medical evacuation, bug out, spacing, water bar placement, and more.  Thank you to Wes and Ross for preparing the IAP and running the scenarios.  Thank you to Jerry for the wonderful food.  Thank you to Jane and Joe and Diaz for helping set up and clean up.  The rookies were at the shop at 0700 for gear issue and back at 1900 at the end of the day.  A good 12 hour drill, and smiles all around.  Thank you to everyone for your contributions.

We now have about 80 red carded and ready firefighters.  I like to have about 125 with the three hand crews and 13 engines to staff.  We have only one more new firefighter class beginning July 18th.  If you know of any potential firefighters, please send them to me.  We have made one hand crew and multiple engines available for now as we finallize our roster for the season.

Blessings, Dillon