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Monday, February 24, 2020
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2017 - Come Strong!
Posted: Monday, January 9, 2017

Dear Inbound friends and family,


We here at Inbound wish everyone a safe and prosperous new year. The weather has been beautiful, but nonetheless, we are pining away for summer.

The 1st RT130 will be in March and the 1st New Firefighter Class will be in April. Please start your training as soon as it is safe to do so. Last year Ross was able to dispatch with a 20 person NON-SMOKING hand crew! I am very proud of the initiative that Ross showed and the leadership to get behind him and support him. Several people quit smoking last year to be on Ross's crew. Well done Ross and other leaders.

What are you doing to study your craft or make yourself better and stronger for this fire season? How can we help? We will offer Advanced Firefighter Fundamentals again...twice. This is our class where you learn how to work with BK radios and the latest GPS programs, map and compass reading, and practice time to learn your trade. We will offer the S131 (Squad Boss Class), and of course the S212 Sawyer Class. If possible we will do an S219 Ignition Specialist Class and and S215 Urban Interface.

If we have enough experienced people to send, we offer up the S270 and S271 classes at the community college.

Finally, our ALL HANDS DAYS begin in April, and we will have one per month through July. These events are paid for firefighters with at least 30 days working for Inbound in the past two years who have completed the pack test and refreshers and are red carded.

This is your career and we want you to be successful! Please feel free to share your goals and hold each other accountable! Let's some strong in 2017 and be ready to deal with the chaos that is our lives every season.

Blessings and Prosperity, Dillon