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Saturday, February 29, 2020
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Winter routine
Posted: Friday, November 3, 2017

Dear loved ones,

We are winterizing our equipment and getting into our winter routines now.  Wow!  What a season it has been.  Thank you to everyone...All the firefighters, the family support structures, and everyone in the fire family.  There were a lot of reunions and friendly faces at fire camps this year.  Our "brotherhood" includes ground support, chippers, and of course sisters~!

When I finally returned home this year I had terms like "Copy" and "Negative" and "Affirm", much to the families chagrin.  It was an adjustment for everyone.  Thank you to all the fire widows who raise our children and allow us the space to explore our wild side doing what we love.  Now is the time to get back into your family routines and enjoy your loved ones!

We are working on the training calendar for next season.  The first RT130 and pack test will be the last Saturday in March.  Most rookie classes will be the last full week of the month, beginning Sunday through Friday, with CPR and First Aid and the pack test being held on Thursdays this season.

Advanced trainings will be in May and June...stay tuned for exact dates.  We also want to get our squad bosses into the S270 Air Operations class.

Overall, it was a great season.  We still have work to do and room to get better, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the refreshers for a candid discussion about lessons learned this year!

If anyone needs anythings, please reach out to me at 503-473-4851

Blessings, Dillon