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Monday, February 24, 2020
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Professionalism and Readiness
Posted: Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Inbound family and friends,

Fire season is upon us.  Every day in the news we hear updates on fire season 2010.  This is our time to shine!

We are blessed to have a lot of talent at Inbound.  I would put our personnel up against any crew and I know we would excel.   I am excited to have such a wealth of talent and proud to be part of it.

Still, we need to maintain our professionalism and readiness.  We must outperform the crew next to us on the hill if we are going to continue to improve our reputation.  The only way to be better out there is to out work everyone else.  I think we have the talent and chemistry to do just that. 

Then, there are those assignments, like staging, during which it is difficult to outwork the crew next to us.  During these times, we must be more professional than those around us.   By using our time wisely, training, reading our IRPGs, sharpening our tools, keeping our shoes greased and shirts tucked in, being calm quiet and respectful, and being conscious of our image, we can seperate ourselves from those around us. 

Thank you all again for being part of our family.  Please check in often with me at 503-473-4851 (every other day right now) and let me know if any of you will not be available for any reason.  I am proud to send us to any fire in the United States knowing we are ready to perform and perform well!