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Saturday, February 29, 2020
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Readiness and Check in
Posted: Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Inbound family and friends,

Here we are in the middle of July and summer is finally creeping up on us.  When the fires finally come, they always seem to come fast and furious.  We must maintain our readiness and fight complacency!

To that end, here are some things that we can all do to stay ready:

-Maintain your fitness and workout regime.  We will be working long hours in extreme conditions and we must prepare our bodies. Being in good physical shape is a huge selection criteria, and those in the best physical and emotional shape will see work first.

-Check in with the office regularly.  Our current readiness condition has everyone checking in weekly.  However, I am still not hearing from many of you.  Please check in regularly in accordance with the readiness condition as posted on our website.  The check in number is 503-473-4851

-Have your gear ready and make arrangements to have your personnel affairs in order.  When the dispatch order comes, we won't have any allowance of time for personal issues.  We have two hours to respond to the dispatch and be enroute to the incident.  Please make and keep yourself ready.  Carry your gear with you.  Please let the office know if you will not be available for any reason.

-Paperwork and administration should also be complete.  I have a list of paperwork that I need for each Inbound employee to have ready for fire season, and some of you need to fill in missing documents.  We need current identification and applications on all employees.  Also, all personnel who wish to be considered for engine duty must complete the IS700 FEMA course.  Please contact me to determine if you have open administrative issues.

I want to personnaly thank you all for your efforts to maintain personal readiness!  I would like to hear from every employee weekly for now, and as conditions warrant, even more frequently.  Please contact me if you have not spoken with me in over one week.  Because of all of you we continue to be a great company!  Thank you!