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Saturday, February 29, 2020
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Continued Readiness
Posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear Inbound friends and family,

This past week we held events in Selma and Oakridge.  For those of you who made it to the events, I thank you.  I hope it was well worth your time.  Also, thanks go out to Rick, Roland, Jack, Dan, Chris, Jerry, and Mike for eveything that they did in helping with the training and event planning.

The season is late...and that must motivate us to be more ready than ever when the call comes.  When we do get to our assignments, you can bet we will be physically and mentally tested by overhead to measure our value to the government.  We are only as good as our employees...and then only as good as our weakest employee.  We must continue to strengthen ourselves and ensure that we reward our best, hardest working, and most physically and mentally prepared employees the opportunity to represent us.

The training events allow for us to continue to measure who the best prepared wildland firefighters are.  Of course, they are also great opportunities to learn from our most experienced employees.  I learned quite a bit at the training event in Selma as each of our engine bosses shared specific best practices that they have each picked up over the years.  Fantastic!

If you missed the training event, we will have others.  I will post here on the blog and update the training calendar and other pages on our webiste.  If you are checking in by phone, I will also share any company news including upcoming training events.  Communication is key.  I am asking everyone who is red carded with us to check in by phone (503-473-4851) weekly.  If you are not checking in with me, you probably are missing out on key company information and you are missing opportunities to demonstrate your readiness.  Please check in weekly for now!

Thank you all for your patience.  We are ready to respond "immediate need" thanks to each of you.  I look forward to hearing from all of you in the upcoming week.  For those of you in the Eugene area who missed the event in Oakridge, you missed some great (and free) live music!

Thanks, Dillon