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Saturday, February 29, 2020
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Employee Safety
Posted: Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Inbound friends and family,

I want to remind everyone that the work of a wildland firefighter is arduous.  We have had several strains and sprains while working on our assignments this year.  The work environment is very difficult with high temperatures, steep slopes, slippery footing, and of course difficult work assignments.  It is imperative that you have proper fitting PPE, including boots.  It is also imperative that you maintain proper hydration and receive adequate nutrition.  Being in top physical shape and doing warm up regime (like stretching) will help ensure that your can complete your assignment without injury.

We were recently reminded how tough the assignments are.  We were working on 60 to 80% grade in the Mt. Hood wilderness.  We were not receving enough food or water to replenish our bodies in a demanding work environment.  People began to get physically and mentally fatigued...and we had several injuries! 

Please join me in helping to make sure we limit these type of injuries in the future by showing up for the dispatch with a double lunch for yourself.  Please make sure your boots and PPE fit properly.  Please take steps (like firefit) to ensure you are in shape to complete the demanding assignments that we all know are coming. I am working with the government to ensure that they provide proper nutrition and care for us while on assignment.  The work is demanding...but rewarding...especially when we can complete it without injury.

The fire season is not over yet.  We are proud of the work we perform...proud to be wildland firefighters...and ready for any assignment!  Please continue to check in with me regularly until the company readiness condition is lowered.

Thank you Dillon