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Monday, February 24, 2020
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2012 Fire Season updates
Posted: Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dear Inbound friends and family,

Preparations for the 2012 wildland fire season continue.  Jerry and I will be attending the National Wildland Fire Association conference in Reno.  At this meeting, contractors get together in order to share good practices, changes in laws, and to discuss contractor ethics.

Contractor "ethics" is an interesting conversation.  I have had some employees tell me that they did not have a written wage agreement with previous employers.  I have had some employees tell me that they were not paid timely or accurately by other contractors.  It goes without saying that contractors who blatantly violate these sorts of principles will make other questionable ethical decisions.

Here at Inbound, we cannot be too worried about what other contractors are doing.  We do try to follow the employment and labor laws.  We put our wage agreements in writing and pay our employees on time, every time!  We are not perfect, but we try to follow the law, and spirit of ethics...treat people how you want to be treated.

Our performance as a wildland fire contractor can only be as good as our employees!  It is your professionalism, good decision making under duress, and hard work that seperates us from our competitors.  In other words, the employee ethics and decision making reflect on the reality and perception of our company.  If we have employees who have a moral compass, who make good decisions even when no one is looking, and who come to work ready to perform with an honest understanding of what our customers need...we will succeed. 

Please join me in helping make and keep Inbound great by dedicating yourself to being prepared this fire season.  Please look within yourselves and make the committment to yourself, to your comrades, and to Inbound to be the best possible firefighter you can be.  I promise to do my part, keep my word, and to support you in your endeavors to be successful.

One other thing...we have scheduled our first pack tests and refresher training for 2012.  On March 24 at 0800 at the Owen Memorial Rose Garden (300 N. Jefferson) in Eugene will mark the kickoff for the pack tests.  After the pack tests, we will have the refresher training, also in Eugene at 2621 Augusta St (the NW Youth Authority bldg) beginning at 1100.  Here is a link to a map for the refresher training:

We are making a run at providing 5 Type 4 Wildland fire engines, 5 Type 6 Wildland fire engines, and 2 Type 2 Wildland Fire hand crews this year.  We are looking for sawyers, squad bosses, and engine bosses to support us.  If you know someone who might fit in with our family please contact me at 503-473-4851.

I also recently set up a Facebook page.  I am late to the party...but made it nonetheless.  Facebook provides one more way to communicate quickly with our employees about upcoming events.  If you have an account, please invite me to be a friend...and "like" us so that you can get status updates quickly.

Thank you for the privilege that comes from being affiliated with wildland firefighting.  I am proud of our company, our family, and what we do!  My favorite part is the comradarie and honest hard work.  I am really looking forward to putting in some hard work this year with the Inbound family!

Love to you all,