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Saturday, February 29, 2020
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Crew working in June
Posted: Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear Inbound friends and family,

For only the second time in eight years, we have had a crew called out in June!  Charlie McKinley and 19 of our family members left on June 30th for the Fontenelle Fire in Wyoming.  Our throught and prayers go out with them so that they may return safely.

Our second crew is stood up and we have several engines available should the need arise.  We do expect that the hand crew will get called as the situation appears to be really bad in several states...and the forecast is for more bad fire weather:

Please make sure you are checking in with me on at least a weekly basis.  I was unable to get a hold of a few people when I called.  I need reliable, consistent and dependable people who can support our need to provide relief firefighters and of course to staff the second hand crew and engines.

I will be having a meet and greet in Eugene on Thursday July 5th at 10:00 a.m. at 32547 Beymer Rd in Eugene.  Only the Eugene area firefighters who have rsvp'd with me should come.  You will get a chance to meet the engine bosses from the Eugene area and we can start making some preliminary plans for who will be on the engine.  You should be over 21 and have a driver's license and have completed the IS-700 NIMS course.  Please rsvp with me at 503-473-4851.

Please maintain your readiness!  We will need everyone this season...I can feel it.  We have only gone out one year before (2008) in June.  I expect more resources will be needed shortly.  The national fire level is at PL4...which also has rarely occurred in June.   Please call me weekly and try to attend our local drills and meet and greet meetings when they are near you.  The key is communication...I need and want to hear from please don't be shy.

Thank you for your patience,